Make the most of what you put on your face


It wasn’t until I started working in cosmetics that I really began to pay attention to what made up all the lovely creams and lotions I slathered on my face. I was suffering the dreaded mid-twenties acne and needed to use products that were more “active” and to be honest – I had stuff all idea what that even meant.

I’m sure at some point you may have been on the receiving end of similar advice, hearing that the serum you bought is great because it has so many “active ingredients” which is fab, unless like me you thought that meant ingredients went to the gym and worked out, you know; lived an active lifestyle (good for them *shrug*). So I paid attention and started researching what these “active ingredients” were and I realised that it was all well and good to wash my face and apply moisturiser but essentially I was just like a protein puffed up gym junkie – all size, no strength – a politician – all talk, no action – and my skincare routine meant nothing. It made no difference how much I cleansed or how juicy my moisturiser, like an empty threat to a toddler my skin knew I didn’t mean business so it just did whatever the hell it wanted.

Nowadays I am much more stringent with what goes on and in my skin. Ingredients can be organic, botanical, chemical or synthetic but they have to actually have a benefit to my skin.

No freeloaders!!

So I thought it would be prudent of me to share this information, no one likes a freeloader especially when you shell out hard earned dollars for your skincare, and I mean for everyone to get the most out of the products they use!

In the next few weeks there will be posts on different ingredient families, explaining the benefits and what products have the best combinations of ingredients for different skin concerns. First up – PEPTIDES!! Keep your eyes peeled xx


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