New year, new stuff, same me.

Well… it’s been a while. I am useless at the best of times but holidays are clearly the worst. No posts or research, and terrible photos! This is just a quick little shoot off to chat about holidays – how were yours? I took the opportunity to shop like a bit of a mad woman and hit up the new Sephora in Melbourne Central and some super cute little asian beauty stores in the cbd.

First impressions of Sephora were good. The store has a good layout, although they could have dedicated a little more space to some well placed mirrors throughout. Theres nothing worse than feeling like a dork trying to see if that foundy swatch looks right in a tiny little mirror. Ew. Also placing all of the major drawcard brands in the first gondolas when you enter the store works, as it makes the store look super busy even if its empty once you get past those brands. Having those brands up front makes it quite crowded and the gondolas are not large so you want to be pretty comfortable getting personal with your fellow beauty investor. Being a retail worker for the last 9 years, I understand that the staff would be inundated with questions about stock, but I think something that makes a great customer experience is the ability to have a little empathy if someone can’t find what they’re looking for or the store doesn’t have the product. Three separate times I was looking for a product only to be told bluntly they had no stock. Which is fine, but obviously I couldn’t just come back in a weeks time to try again; at least being able to try a tester so I could then purchase online would have been helpful but couldn’t do that either.

Aside from that I picked up some great products!! Loved, loved, loved the Marc Jacobs stuff and I ended up getting the Genius Gel foundation. I’m still trying to work out the best primer and application combo so will post as soon as I’ve figured that one. Another goodie was the Becca Beach Tint which to be honest I think if you haven’t ever tried this tiny cheek tint just jump online and pick any colour, you seriously couldn’t go wrong.

This might surprise but the stand out for me was the Formula X Nail Polish. What a great line of colours! Their top coat was bomb – total gel finish and my nails lasted an actual week. That never happens!

I picked up a total jumble of sheet masks in the old Rip Curl building on Swanson st. Although I did end up giving a few away as gifts there were a couple of hydrating ones that saved me from becoming a sultana after an afternoon spent without spf. I know, I’m the biggest advocate but I left the bottle behind oops!


Anyway – I have a couple of post ideas kicking around, one on using up things that you might have in the kitchen for quick fix and cheap beauty tricks, and a couple on why certain ingredients are important to include. I might do a separate post for each ingredient…

I also have a review on some beautiful Codage products that I received. I love their whole philosophy and the products belong on Mount Olympus because they are for the gods I swear! So amazing!




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