KoreaDepart haul!

Yep, I went there. I spent way too much time putting things in my basket and researching before handing over the $$$ but it was totally worth it! My order arrived much quicker than I thought it would and everything was wrapped up nice and safe – oh, not to mention a bag of samples! Yes a whole bag!!

I picked up everything from cushion foundation and lip tints, to sheet masks and facial essences; and being the impatient mama that I am I’ve already cracked it all open and had a play! I also picked up one (3) of the infamous foot peeling masks which I have used already, and I’ll post the results on Instagram. So, let me go through the box and we’ll have a looky loo at what I got. I’m going to link to the actual brand websites where I can or to other websites that give you lots of information as I found Koreadepart sometimes wasn’t super clear, but great for prices!

Innisfree Water Glow Cushion – Light Beige


I first saw this via a friend of mine who is just as nuts for Korean products as I am, and the moist glow that it gave looked unreal. Very much like the skin finishes we are seeing on catwalks and editorials at the moment. I accidentally ordered the wrong colour, the light beige is super pale for my pink toned skin, but that is a risk you take ordering online. Using the provided sponge the cushion does apply very juicy and looks like a nice medium coverage, it didn’t wear very well on my skin though. Having said that I tried it with no primer for the first wear to see how it would last. I think if you have oily skin like me a nice hydrating gel primer like Nars Pro-Prime Pore Perfecting would be great. Definitely make sure you have been on top of your exfoliation too because it picked up on any dry skin.

Peripera Peris Water Cushion – Colour 1

I am wearing this over my normal Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturiser toadying I much prefer the feel and finish. Its a slightly darker colour to the Innisfree but it has blended a lot better. I only applied this over my blotchy areas, where my tinted moisturiser doesn’t give enough coverage, rather than use concealer. Pretty happy with it, although again its quite pale, not a summer foundy for sure!

* I tried both of these a couple of times since and they did make me break out quite badly. My skin is normally pretty sturdy but it definitely did not like cushion. 

TONYMOLY Luminous Goddess Aura Goddess maker – Colour 2 & 3


I thought of these as primers or even additions to your foundation. It says on the website to apply them after skincare, so as a primer or added to foundation is fine. The No.2 is a smoothing base, great if you are using quite a sheer foundation but need the smooth sleek finish of a fuller coverage (but without the coverage!) and as it has a slight tint you could even wear it on its own or mixed with sunscreen.

The No.3 is a highlighting base and I really loved the finish. I’ve used it with the following foundations:

Mac Mineralize Moisture SPF15 – I’ve mixed this in at a ratio of 1:2 one part Goddess Maker. Super dewy almost glassy looking skin is the result.


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser – A similar finish but less coverage. One for ‘good skin’ days. (I actually love the No.2 with this face tint though, great for the ‘not so good skin’ days)

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – I’ve previously mixed liquid illuminators with this foundy and it comes up a treat, full coverage but with just enough luminosity that it doesn’t look flat, but with the Goddess Maker it didn’t work as well. I think the formulas are just not very good friends guys. Oh well!

I also used it with my beautyblender as a highlight over the top of foundy and concealer with great results. Hellooo strobing for dummies!! If you really want to go all out mix it with this and then use your blender sponge to dab it across your cheekbones and other highpoints and say hi to the best damn highlight you’ve ever had!

Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips – PK005 & PK006

Think YSL’s famous liquid lip tint/stick/gloss but only $12. Enough said. Although I’m not a huge fan of the bubblegum scent.



Etude House Play 101 Pencil – No.22

These are so cool! The idea is that they are all of your make up in pencil form. You can get concealer, lip pencils, eyes, blush and they come in various consistencies as well. I got a glossy deep red for my lips and it is joy! It goes on super smooth and looks like a perfectly blotted lipstick. I’m very keen to try more of the eye pencils. No. 6, 13, 30 & 47 are next on my list.



Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic sheet masks – Anti Wrinkle Pug & Whitening Seal

Mama loves a sheet mask!! Put baby to bed and crack open the chocolate because once these are on my face I am chilling out! The Whitening Seal is probably my favourite, it completely cleared up those pesky breakouts I got from the cushion foundations. Sheet masks are amazing, they have a great concentration of active ingredients without all of the messy clean up from a traditional mask.

TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous #babyfoot pictures and all the grossness that goes with peeling skin. Well these masks for your feet are the same thing, and it is a unique experience let me tell you! There are little plastic baggies for you to pop your feet into, and then you pour in the liquid which is a combination of AHA, BHA, charcoal powder and lavender extract and tie the baggies up. I put socks over so that if I had to get up there was no slipping around, and then left it on for at least 90 minutes.


Towards the end the skin on my feet felt a bit tingly but no irritation, and a week later the skin peels off your feet. I found that I needed to let my feet soak a little bit and then use a gentle pumice to get rid of all the gross skin because it doesn’t peel in one big layer, but that was fine, it meant I could still wear sandals! These are definitely worth your $$ for summer!



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