15 step skin care routine….

…means walking ten steps to get to the bathroom!

Back before baby (I call it BBC – before baby came) I had quite the thorough skin care routine morning and night. I would dedicate no less than 20 minutes to cleansing, exfoliating, exfoliating, toning, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and alternating sleeping masks every night. Not to mention SPF during the day, and still be applying makeup after all that as well. BBC I could tweeze my brows or shave my legs, maybe even apply fake tan, well not any more. She has some serious ideas about how I should look and none of them include the words “fresh” or “glowing” or even, “clean”. BBC I could double cleanse every night, granted I was wearing a full face of makeup every day for work and now its a win if I get some tinted moisturiser slapped on.

But BBC there was no baby… so I think I can deal with removing a few steps. My products just have to be more like me as a mama; multi-task and work a lot harder for the same result. Here is what I am currently doing in the mornings provided everything goes to plan, you know like if I can shower or brush my hair?



This is lovely, a very very mildly foaming gel cleanser with oat proteins to soften skin. A delicate fragrance and refreshing on the skin. I started using it whilst preggo in summer and now even hubby uses it. I don’t need very much and its perfect to wake up to. It won’t remove all makeup, so use a cloth if you want to do that; or double cleanse.



I’m really enjoying this gel as I have very oily skin normally, but since baby it has definitely become more combination. Lately I have started getting what I think are the “post baby breakouts” while all the hormones fluctuate. So not only am I slowly going bald from the four month hair loss, but I have pimples as well? What am I, an eighty year old or a teenager? Give me a break! Anyway this is great, because there is no benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which I actually find very drying, and if you have problem skin the whole range is super gentle but nicely effective.



Holy daffodil! Thanks The Bachelorette – I am stealing this for future use.

This serum is god. Radical skincare is the only religion for me, if only I could afford it all! I have to say, my dream routine right now would be a combination of Radical and Codage. This is the serum from my hospital bag, and the one thing that I could manage to apply every day without fail. I credit the comments on my “new mum glow” to this serum and its impressive 13 active ingredients. Radical is known for their powerful antioxidant ingredients and this serum is no exception. It has 2 hexapeptides, one for boosting collagen production and one to control muscle contractions. There are 9 powerful antioxidant and an ingredient that sounds particularly devine; Alistin, which stimulates production of proteins that repair DNA (!!)

And lets not forget my favourite ingredient niacinimide!!


In my previous post I couldn’t help but sing the many praises of Yoshimomo, especially this beauty oil which is 100% organic Camellia Japonica oil. Teresa makes all her products as small batch, meaning you won’t find shelves and shelves of them and each batch run is different to the last. I am loving this oil pressed in along my cheeks, forehead and neck before I apply SPF as it really softens my skin and keeps it feeling plump for the whole day. I leave it off my nose and chin for day time as they are my oil hot spots!


To Save Face SPF30+ has been my go-to sunscreen for the past three years, but MECCA has recently released an SPF+ and wouldn’t you know it, the formula is just as joyful as the original. Probably the only sunscreen I would apply religiously every morning and no without a doubt that it would not clog my skin, that it wouldn’t make me even oilier and that there would be no flashback in photos. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, do not miss your SPF, it is the most important anti-aging product you will ever put on your face!!

So.. that is it for now. Once I run out or my skin changes up yet again (ber-loody hormones! They should call them hor-moans, because all I do is moan about them!) there will be newbies to chat about!


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