YOSHIMOMO BOTANIQUE – how quickly can you say MINE!

Oh my Yoshimomo Botanique, please get in my bathroom cabinet asap!

I stumbled across this gorgeous brand checking out Urban Outfitters beauty section (which is an actual gold mine!) and have fallen hard and fast for their products. A love so deep and all that jazz…

I thought it my moral obligation to share it with you all and not keep such a secret, this stuff is beautiful! Not just the fact that they are focussed on 100% plant based skin care, or that the packaging is a minimalist’s wet dream; but the formulations give results! My current obsession is the Pure Tsubaki oil, a 100% organic Camellia Japonica beauty oil, that leaves skin feeling soft and plump and hair silky smooth.

Its packed full of vitamins A, B, D and E as well as omegas 3,6 and 9; and rich in oleic acid which is great at sealing in moisture. Its a great oil for dry skin and for those who want to up their antioxidant protection without using a heavier oil like Argan or Chia seed oil. I particularly like using an oil rich in antioxidants when I’m wearing sunscreen as a bit of a protection booster for environmental free radical damage – it will NOT boost your SPF protection though! Its super lightweight so even on my combination skin its not too much, I’ve even been patting it into my poor dĂ©colletage which has definitely seen better days since this baby came along!

Currently on the wish list from Yoshimomo is the AHA15 High-Potency Alpha Hydroxy Acid Moisturiser, which has 10% lactic acid and 5% glycolic acid, as well as jojoba and sweet almond oil, and shea butter to keep new skin soft.

I’m also keen to try the Clarify Niacinamide BHA Gel which is an oil-free treatment targeting acne spots and scars. The Niacinamide works to reduce redness and help fade acne scars – Get on my face!!

Sometimes its easy to overlook plant based skincare especially when you are a results driven customer, but Yoshimomo really put a lot of thought into their ingredients so you are getting results without all of the “filler” ingredients that you may find in other products.

Big tick of approval over here!


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