A tale of two serums…

A few posts back I was talking about hydration; am I getting enough, is it penetrating deep into my skin, is there such a thing as too much? Well it turns out that the answer is no, no and NO! I’ve had it with my face looking like an old man’s elbow and have added an extra serum to my daily attempt at a routine. I swear this baby will eventually put my body out of commission; constantly being run down has taken a massive toll. “Hello, can I speak to the manager of the new mama store? I’d like a new body, this one is cracked and faulty.”

How many mamas out there face a never-ending cycle of being sick or broken in the first year of their child’s life? It’s not just me is it? And I swear if one more person puts it down to hormones (Duh!) I will squirt them in the face!

*deep breath*


Anyway! Let’s talk about this extra serum… Its a little beauty from Eve Lom, the Intense Hydration Serum. A gorgeous clear light weight gel that is primarily Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin making it a great powerhouse of hydration. The trick with this serum I have found is to only use a small amount and apply it as soon as you have patted your face dry, then follow with other serums or moisturiser. When I say small, I mean a baby pea!

I love my Codage No.4 serum so much and if you wanted to add extra hydration you could use the No.1 serum from them it is also stunning! Mecca Trove is the only place you can get them in Australia, I would die to go to the Codage store in Paris that has just opened though!

Here’s hoping the old noggin will start to resemble a human woman soon and not a hippo’s left knee!


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