Hot & Bothered…

No I don’t mean the kind that is inspired by Magic Mike or Mr. Grey… I mean the sticky, sweaty, lank hair and heat rash kind. Sooo sexy! It feels like we have gone from zero to 100 in terms of spring to summer here in Perth, I have to be honest I don’t think “mid-season” exists here. One minute I’m in jeans and a jumper, then next thing you know BOOM – I can’t get the floaty dresses out of storage last enough!

First things first, what to do with the sweaty small person clinging to the sweaty mama? Well so far we have done the obvious and stayed out of the heat and been cooped up inside where it’s cool, but what to do when you have to leave the house? I’m having a lot of luck with these lightweight little singlet onesies from Bonds, they are super soft and stretchy and easy to put on and take off. Also wetting one of the Beb’s face cloths with tepid water, wringing it out and letting her play with it; the important thing here is not to have the water really cold or hot. The other thing that is super important is to make sure that Mama is getting enough water and staying hydrated! You’re no use to the small one if you are feeling listless and dehydrated yourself, so make sure to get at least 1L of water in the day at a minimum, I always carry around a drink bottle in the nappy bag just in case.

Now, what does your skin do in the heat? Mine goes so oily and can get congested with all the sunscreen & tinted moisturiser, so its important to cleanse (duh Tess!) but sometimes that might not happen with the Beb let’s be honest. If you are like some of my friends though and your skin feels parched and crinkly you might need to up the ante on the hydration front. Look for products that feature Hyaluronic Acid, this ingredient is a natural humectant so it draws moisture into the skin and hugs it close! It’s produced by our bodies but as with everything, when we age it depletes and we start to see fine lines and a change in texture in the skin. I mentioned the other day a product from Kate Somerville that is so easy to use and gives great results but I thought a couple more couldn’t go astray! Here are my current favourites for plump juicy skin!

The only other thing I would stress is that drinking enough water is not only good for your insides, it does have major benefits for your skin as well. Think of sultanas and grapes! Your body just works better when its hydrated. Also with heat wearing a good sunscreen is massively important as we all do tend to spend more time outside and no one wants pigmentation or skin cancer scars messing up that gorgeous complexion! I’ll write about some great sunscreens that are not too heavy or sticky very soon!


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