GLAMGLOW Supercleanse – Minty fresh Mud!!

Better late than never I suppose…

I meant to post this the other day but little bug has gone through a growth spurt and I think maybe we are experiencing the four moth sleep regression. Has anyone dealt with this before? All of a sudden she won’t go to sleep after her night bath and feed and is waking way more often through the night as well, which means I am not getting anywhere near as much sleep as I was and subsequently am not following my (ultra basic) skin routine at night.

Once upon a time I would balm cleanse, gel cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, eye cream and moisturise; but lately I’m lucky if I can wash off the sunscreen I slapped on that morning! Enter stage right – GLAMGLOW Supercleanse! Having used the SuperMud mask in the past I knew that this little guy would deep clean my skin, even if I could only use it once or twice a week. Now the mask is quite a purger, don’t use it the day before an event, it is definitely an ‘end of the weekend’ mask to get out all the crap that probably wasn’t washed off on Saturday night! I thought the cleanser might be the same kind of deal – BUT, it doesn’t purge! Yass!!!

Instead what you get is this lovely minty fresh feeling, soft clean skin. So far I think the best results come from applying it to dry skin and leaving it for a minute, then dampen your fingers and massage; it foams up just enough to get rid of all the nasties on your skin and rinses away super fresh! I have actually used it twice with my Clarisonic as well but this was for a double cleanse to get rid of three applications of sunscreen (my BFF, for sure!) and I probably wouldn’t do that too often unless you are happy to replace the brush head every two weeks!


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