What did pregnancy do to my skin?!

I think a little background would be a good idea here. I have fair and quite oily skin that is prone to pigmentation. Before I was pregnant I used every trick in the ingredient book to control the pigment and oil, and a few solid breakouts every month. Retinol, Salicylic acid and peels were my wolf pack – the three best friends any girl could have! However as we all know having a little person growing inside you means the wolf pack is banished! So… where did that leave my skin? In a world of pain for the first trimester, with zits, congestion, excessive oiliness and dullness greeting me every morning in the mirror.

BLEGH!! What has this baby done to me! Now that we are four months in my skin has lost the pregnancy glow, my pigment has faded a little but the congestion is so much worse! What to do? I feel like even though its nearly back to normal I don’t have a much time to dedicate to my old skincare routine, I need a miracle product for congestion! I saw that Dr. Dennis Gross is releasing a new peel pad formulation.. Could this be the answer??


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