My Korean love affair…

Korean skincare and the numerous steps involved have been getting a lot of interest for a while. My shopping cart with Peach & Lily has more in it than my actual trolley when I do the groceries!

It’s not hard to see why though, many Korean skincare brands really deliver the goods, using active ingredients that are potent and in higher quantities than their Western counterparts. As someone who is desperate to get rid of pigmentation (hormonal and sun damaged) I really look for a few key ingredients, and my friends, I know I’ll find them in spades in these products!

Mizon has a number of amazing products, but I love, love, love their Good Night White Sleeping Mask! It is packed with Niacinimide, also known as Vitamin B3, which has been shown to boost collagen synthesis, lighten pigmented spots, help with acne inflammation and even prevent moisture loss in the skin! What a hard worker! Best of all, it does all this while I’m trying to catch those precious ZZZ’s! I have noticed that the next morning by skin is definitely brighter so I try and use it at least twice a week!IMAG2130 (1)

I also recently picked up a moisturiser from Beauty Bay by a Korean dermatology group called Dr. Jart+ which I think may have been discontinued, but I was too intrigued to let it slip by. The V7 Relief Vita Drop moisturiser comes out of the tube looking almost like a silicone based primer, but as you massage it into the skin it beads up like water and absorbs instantly without leaving any residue. But heres the thing, my skin feels super plump and lovely not dry. But not oily either, and I am normally a total oil slick.

This gel (?) has Vitamins B5, C and E as well as our good friend Niacinimide so I figure it has got to be a perfect option as a day moisturiser for the Perth Climate. Its easy to slap on when the bebe has stolen all my beauty time from me, but I still want to protect my skin with antioxidants and hydration. We’ll see how it goes with the warmer weather approaching…


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